Okay Themes Field Notes


A Few Updates to the Ecosystem

So here’s the thing: I sell WordPress themes on Okay Themes. I sell WordPress themes on ThemeForest. In order to make these two outlets more cohesive, I’ve recently made a few updates to the site. You’ll notice the Themes page now has 11 more themes! Holy shit!

When I launched Okay Themes, I really wanted to put the site’s focus on the four flagship themes, obviously. I didn’t want to create any kind of confusion at launch by having themes from both marketplaces on Okay. This would have made people’s heads explode.

Now that the shop has been open for a few months and things are running smoothly, I’m excited to offer access to my portfolio over at ThemeForest! Clicking any of my ThemeForest themes will transport you over to ThemeForest where you can grab the theme. Currently themes are about the same price over there, averaging about $35 each.

Along with the addition of the 11 ThemeForest themes, I’ve also added a new Okay theme called Spectra. Spectra had a short run on ThemeForest but now lives in the Okay forest.

Stay tuned for more sporadic, marginally interesting updates! Over and out.

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