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Hand crafted on October 9, 2020

2.5 – 6/13/13

  • Updated Twitter widget and widget styles.
  • Temporarily removed twitter count in social widget.

2.2 – 4/12/13

  • Updated Contact Form 7 email input styles.

2.1 – 3/12/13

  • Fixed popular posts feature in recent posts widget.
  • Updated language files.
  • Cleaned up header.php and moved CSS to functions.php.
  • Changed transient cache time to 30 minutes to prevent widget from showing 0.
  • General file cleanup.

2.0 – 0/0/00

  • Phantom update. No one knows what happened here.

1.9 – 2/5/13

  • Fixed featured image floating issue.
  • Fixed search results for page entries.

1.8 – 1/25/13

  • NOTE: Version 1.8 was a fairly big update, adding some new great features and moving some existing functionality into the Okay Toolkit plugin. Please see the notes below and check out the revised help file for help with the new features. Enjoy!
  • Added Custom Gallery support with WordPress 3.5 and the Okay Toolkit.
  • Added new Retina social icons (via the Okay Toolkit).
  • Moved Twitter, Dribbble and Flickr widgets to the Okay Toolkit. If you previously were using these widgets, you’ll have to install the Toolkit plugin, go to Settings -> Okay Toolkit, activate the plugins, and add them to your sidebar again. See the revised help file for more info.
  • Removed bloat code from options.php.
  • General file and style cleanup.
  • Revised help file.

1.7 – 1/17/13

  • Added RSS widget.
  • Added localization for comment section.

1.6 – 12/5/12

  • Added fix for duplicate links in mobile menus.
  • Modified default styles, removing colored stripe and cleaning up menus a bit.

1.5 – 10/15/12

  • Modified comments.php with cleaner code to allow for Jetpack support.
  • Fixed localization for a few strings in comments.php
  • Recreated translation files.

1.4 – 8/24/12

  • Removed RSS count from sidebar widget based on user feedback. Worked inconsistently, broke other parts of the social widget.

1.3 – 8/5/12

  • Added a max-width to the logo image.
  • Fixed secondary menu bug to prevent it from showing on mobile.

1.2 – 6/19/12

  • Fixed bug that was hiding gallery images on paginated pages.
  • Added responsive support for videos inserted into the post area.

1.1 – 6/12/12

  • Changed category menu to utilize drop-downs.
  • Updated functions.php to user get_template_directory_uri instead of stylesheet_uri.

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