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Hand crafted on October 9, 2020

3.2 – 6/12/13

  • Added fix for fixed width galleries and images.
  • Updated files: media-queries.css, style.css, template-gallery.php

3.1 – 5/15/13

  • Modified mobile nav styles to prevent floating issue.
  • Fixed full-width page float issue.
  • Affected files: header.php, homepage.php, media-queries.css, style.css, includes/js/custom/custom.js
Radius v3.0 Upgrade Notice
Radius was recoded from the ground up to fit the current framework of Okay Themes. Several major changes in the architecture, features and settings have taken place in this update. Because of this, if you are upgrading from version 2.3, you will have to set up the theme again, as if it were a new theme.

While this is kind of a bummer, the upside is you get this huge and awesome update for free. Radius 3.0 has really slick galleries, a better responsive layout, more white space, more attention to detail, and it’s much easier to setup and maintain.

See the install video and instructions to get your theme updated and setup on Radius 3.0.

A Note About Shortcodes: The shortcodes that came with Radius originally have been removed in version 3.0. This was for several reasons, but mostly because they are more trouble than they’re worth for users. They will only be supported in version 2.3 and lower. If you still require the use of shortcodes, you can checkout one of the many shortcode plugins in the repository. This one seems to be be popular: Shortcodes Ultimate

3.0 - 5/6/13

  • Recoded entire theme to sit on the new Okay Themes framework.
  • Removed Options Framework plugin in favor of the WordPress Theme Customizer. Settings are now handled in Appearance → Customize.
  • Separated posts and portfolio items. Portfolio items now use a custom post type, which is provided by the Okay Toolkit Plugin.
  • Added support for new, awesome galleries. Use the new WordPress 3.5 media manager to create galleries, rearrange them, and display them in your portfolio items.
  • Reworked the responsive media queries to accomodate more devices. The theme is now 100% flexible, versus the fixed breakpoints it was using before.
  • Twitter widget and social media icons have been moved to the Okay Toolkit plugin. Toolkit also provides several other widgets.
  • Removed shortcode functionality from the theme and moved them into a plugin. See note above.
  • Tons of little changes here and there. Check out the demo to see the theme in action, and be sure to check out the install video and instructions which will walk you through setting up Radius v3.0.

2.3 – 4/12/13

  • Updated Contact Form 7 email input styles.

2.2 – 9/11/12

  • Added a fix for the shortcode button breaking the editor

2.1 – 8/15/12

  • Added -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; to fix sidebar scrolling on iPad
  • Removed inline JS and replaced with more dynamic CSS solution
  • General file cleanup
  • Consolidated loop on single.php

2.0 – 6/6/12

  • Fixed Google+ share buttons to new code.

1.9 – 5/5/12

  • Fixed several localization strings.
  • Recreated .mo and .po files.

1.8 – 5/5/12

  • Added wmode fix for YouTube video embeds.

1.7 – 4/19/12

  • Fixed a bug with localization.

1.6 – 4/12/12

  • Added template tag to home.php.
  • Updated fitvid.js which was causing an odd caching issue when browsing back and forth between pages.

1.5 - 4/11/12

  • Added option (Homepage Slider Action) to link homepage slides directly to post/pages without title and excerpt pop-up.

1.4 - 4/7/12

  • Added Support tab to theme options. Provides direct links to install video, help file, forum and customizations request.
  • Changed the Google Analytics theme option to allow any kind of tracking code. Users updating will have to grab the full tracking code from Google now, versus just the UA code.

1.3 - 3/27/12

  • Added an option to toggle full-width slider, 940px slider, or no slider on the homepage.

1.2 - 3/24/12

  • Added descriptive classes to sections on homepage to allow for easier customization.

1.1 - 3/22/12

  • Added new Twitter widget to alleviate issues some users were having.
  • Reorganized code functions.php.
  • Added descriptive prefixes to theme functions.
  • Moved javascript calls to external file. Now located in includes/js/custom.js.
  • Now using WordPress’s default wp_enqueue_script(‘jquery’); to load the latest version of jQuery.

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