Sketch WordPress Theme

Hand crafted on October 9, 2020

1.6 – 6/13/13

  • Replaced Twitter widget with new Twitter widget, available via the Okay Toolkit. Install and activate the plugin, go to Settings -> Okay Toolkit and activate the Twitter widget. It will appear in Appearance -> Widgets.

1.5 – 4/12/13

  • Updated Contact Form 7 email input styles.

1.4 – 2/19/13

  • Moved theme options from Options Framework plugin to the built-in WordPress theme customizer. This allows you to see changes live as you setup the theme. Note: If you are updating from v1.3 or below, you’ll need to set up a few things again. Namely, you’ll have to go through the theme Customizer (Appearance → Customize) and set up the Sketch Section options. See the revised help file and install video in the documentation. Also, you will no longer need the Options Framework plugin.
  • Added new gallery feature. Makes adding and editing galleries a breeze. See a video on how to use it right here.
  • General file cleanup and refactoring.

1.3 – 11/13/12

  • Fixed accent color background on header title.

1.2 – 11/8/12

  • Added browser history. You can now use the browser back and forth buttons to navigate between sections and modal posts.
  • Added deep linking. You can now link directly to a post modal. For example, if I click a post modal, the URL will be changed to something like this: You can use that URL to link directly to a post. Potential caveats: 1. Currently you can’t modify the URL structure. 2. It can take a long time to load modal posts. The modal loading happens after page load, so the bigger the site, the longer it takes. I’m working on optimizing this.
  • Redesigned Blog area - The blog area previously showed one post a time, utilizing Flexslider to slide through the posts. I removed this functionality because it was causing very heavy load times and hanging the loading of other elements. I’ve redesigned it a bit.
  • Refined some styles in style.css and dark.css to reflect new functionality mentioned above.
  • Fixed bug where you could only use the Blog as the slug for the blog category. You can now use any category for the blog.
  • Removed Flexslider from Flickr and Dribbble widgets to increase page load times. This is mainly to benefit the page load time and deep linking.
  • Removed undefined $options variable from the Dribbble widget.
  • Removed undefined $class from body tag.
  • Added max-width to body to fix resizing bug.

1.1 – 9/18/12

  • Modified the header image and text positioning. Should handle different image sizes better.

1.0 – 9/10/12

  • Added fix for comments in modal.php. Comments were breaking modal when turned off.

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