Frequently Asked Questions

From pre-sale questions to health and financial advice. See the FAQ's below to answer some of your questions.

General Questions

  • How does the pricing work?
    Each theme is priced individually based on it's complexity to develop and features. Some themes are as low as $35, while some may be $50 or more. See the theme details page for any theme to find the price.
  • What happened to the Theme Stack?
    The Theme Stack (a mini bundle of 6 themes for $99) is on vacation right now. There are lots of great projects happening at Okay and we need some extra time and resources to complete them. Because of it's popularity, it was a tough decision to put it on hold, but by doing so we can provide some even better themes and digital goods to Okay customers. The Stack will continue to be actively supported for users who purchased it.
  • Can I get a refund for a theme?
    Because of the nature of digital goods, unfortunately we cannot issue a refund or exchange unless the theme is malfunctioning or corrupt, or does not work as seen on the demo site. Certain circumstances may arise, so please contact us if you feel you have a particularly convincing situation.
  • Why is the sky blue?
    Blue light waves are short and travel fast. When light from the sun meets our oxygen-rich atmosphere, oxygen molecules scatter the shorter wavelengths more easily than the longer ones. Obviously.

Theme Questions

  • How do I install my new WordPress theme?
    Every Okay theme comes with a detailed help file and an installation walkthrough video. Moreover, there are plenty of resources that will help you with general WordPress questions in the WordPress Codex.
  • Why aren't all of your themes available on
    Most Okay Themes are currently only available on ThemeForest, which is a commercial WordPress theme marketplace. As you can imagine, the advantage is ThemeForest's large amount of traffic and their popularity in the WordPress theme ecosystem. Some themes are currently available here on Okay and there will be more going forward.
  • Are your themes compatible with the latest version of WordPress?
    Yep! These themes are built three years in the future, so compatibility is not an issue. All themes will work with the latest build of WordPress.
  • How many sites can I use your themes on?
    However many you want. Even if we said one, you'd do it anyway. Just don't try to resell or redistribute the themes. There are some rules you know.
  • Do your themes come widget ready?
    Yes, every theme includes areas that are widget ready. Even better, most themes come with their own custom widgets. The Okay Toolkit provides several widgets as well!
  • Can I customize the images included with each theme, like the logo?

    Every theme comes with various customization options, depending on the theme. Most themes at least provide the basic options like logo upload, link & accent color changing, color schemes & more.

    Unfortunately we can't help you customize your theme outside of it's intended functionality (see why). If you want to deck out your WordPress theme or plugin even further, we partner with Werkpress who provides customizations on our behalf. They rule and have helped many Okay Themes customers. Drop them a line through the Customization Form.

Support Questions

  • This theme isn't working and I hate it. How do I fix it?

    If you've purchased a theme directly from the site, you can simply log in and click the Support Forum link in your account area.

    If you're from ThemeForest, you'll need to first register an account. You'll need your purchase code, which is explained on the support page. If your purchase is valid, an account will be created for you and you'll be emailed a username and password, which you can use to access your Okay account area and support forum. You may also change your password after logging in.

    Once in the forum you can browse discussions and ask a question. Just remember, keep it clean and classy. If you are mean, we definitely won't help you.

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