Okay Themes Joins WordPress.com

Hand crafted on August 2, 2020

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Okay Joins WordPress.com

We are ecstatic to announce that Okay Themes has joined the WordPress.com premium theme marketplace! This is a huge step towards providing our awesome themes to even more users, starting with WordPress’s hosted blogging platform, WordPress.com.

It was a very rewarding and enlightening experience working with Philip Arthur Moore over the last few months. There’s a ton of work that goes into the themes submitted to WordPress.com. Every theme has to be meticulously tested and reviewed many times, resulting in a robust, bulletproof theme fit for an audience as large as WordPress.com.

We’ve already taken several concepts we’ve learned during the process and implemented them into our workflow. Going forward, all themes, both hosted and self-hosted, will be given the same rigorous testing process as Publisher. Oh, speaking of…

Introducing Publisher

We couldn’t make such an announcement without following it up with a theme launch, now could we? That would be ridiculous! We’ve worked tirelessly with the team at WordPress.com to bring you our latest theme, Publisher.

Publisher was meticulously designed and developed with simplicity and usability in mind. Every pixel and line of code has been researched and scrutinized, resulting in one of the neatest, leanest, standards-driven themes out there.

Check out Publisher’s Features page and demo site.

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