Launched: Typable WordPress Theme

Hand crafted on July 10, 2020


I’m happy to announce the release of my latest WordPress theme, Typable! Typable started out as an attempt to create a simple personal blog for myself. I knew I wanted large, clean titles, a sans-serif body text, one vibrant accent color, and a snappy app-like feel for navigation. Mostly I just wanted a reason to use Lato. It has such a clean uppercase style (see titles).

Fat guy in a little coat.

Weighing in at 684kb and measuring a mere 720px wide, don’t let Typable’s size fool you. I’ve packed lots of neat features into this little guy. Check out some of the mucho bueno features below.

  • Super Simple - As you can tell from the screenshots and demo, Typable is about as simple as it gets for a blog. I stripped away all of the distractions and reimplemented only essential features. This provides for a great read for users. They don’t have ads flying left and right while they’re trying to read your posts. Gone are those days!
  • AJAX Loading - Many of the page transitions in Typable are handled via AJAX, which provides a very smooth browsing experience. It kind of feels like an app rather than a static website.
  • Header Drawer - I’ve hidden all the superflous and potentially distracting features in the header. The menu, archives, search and widgets section are all accessible via icon toggles in the header. Did I mention it has a pretty sweet animation effect?
  • Responsive - Yep, you guessed it. Typable is responsive, all the way down to iPod minis. Just kidding, that would be crazy. But it does scale very gracefully down to any tablet or mobile device. See for yourself!
  • Customizer - The Customizer allows you to change various theme settings in real-time. You can upload a logo, choose an accent color, toggle the black and white effect on images, and add custom CSS with a real-time preview of your changes.

So that’s a quick look for you! I really enjoyed making Typable. All of this just so I could have a design for my personal blog. I implore you to check out Typable’s demo and the theme page for more info about the theme.

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