Support and Customizations

There is a fine line between theme support and theme customizations, and everyone has a different idea of what each entails.

Hello faithful theme buyer! Because we provide theme and plugin support to our customers free of charge, we have to be mindful of how we spend that time in the forums. Time is very valuable when you’re giving free support, and so we have to setup a few guidelines of what questions we can and can’t help you with.

Theme Support Examples

  • My theme is broken. I’ve followed all the necessary steps to setup the theme, including watching the install video or help documents included with the theme, but still can’t get the theme to work.
  • My theme does not work as advertised. I’ve set it up as directed, but for some reason my theme doesn’t look like it should.
  • My theme has an obvious bug which is preventing me from using the theme properly.

As you can see, theme support issues interfere with the intended functionality of the theme. These issues prevent the theme from working as advertised and will be supported.

Theme Customization Examples

  • How do I change an element to look or function differently than shown in the demo?
  • I would like to add or remove an element from the header, what do I do?
  • XYZ plugin breaks my theme or causes unexpected behavior.

As you can see, theme customization has to do with preference, rather than actual theme issues. It requires customizing the theme beyond the scope of the theme’s intended style or functionality. These kinds of requests cannot be fulfilled unfortunately.

Although we do not provide theme customizations ourselves, we do work with Werkpress who provides customizations on our behalf. If you contact them through the Customization Form, they will get back to you with a quote and you can decide to move forward or not. They are awesome and will make your wildest theme fantasies come true.

3rd Party Plugins

In a perfect world, every theme would work with every plugin. Unfortunately, we work with WordPress and this is impossible. For every great plugin out there, you have a terribly coded one. Because of this, we simply can’t support every 3rd party plugin. However, we do try our best to make the themes 100% compatible with the popular plugins out there, and it’s a continuing effort.

That being said, we don’t consider non-compatability with plugins, no matter how popular, a theme support issue. The theme is only guaranteed to work as shown, with the plugins suggested. No more, no less. If you want to force compatibility, it will be up to you to work out the solution.

WordPress Novices

Everyone is a newbie at WordPress at one point or another. We’ve all struggled through the ins and outs of WordPress and spent many hours hunting down answers at Google and StackExchange.

Unfortunately, the Okay Themes support forum is no place for asking general WordPress questions. Because we provide theme support services free to our customers, that time is incredibly valuable to us and would be better spent answering theme-specific questions.

Please check out some of the links below to help with your general WordPress questions:

  • Codex
  • Forums
  • WordPress Answers StackExchange

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