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CoPilot will not help you fly a commercial airplane, but it does make a pretty decent blog.

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Quickly and easily publish your images, videos, galleries, quotes, links and more. Did I mention the sweet jQuery sorting?

Post Format Support

CoPilot supports all of the default WordPress post formats — chat, gallery, image, link, quote, status, audio and video! Yeah, it does it all! Share all of your media with ease.

Attention To Detail

CoPilot is about as clean as they come. With generous attention to detail, texture and modern sans-serif fonts, CoPilot puts your content front and center. Plug in your content and go!

Quick Setup

With the included setup docs and install video, you can have a better website than your neighbor in no time! If that’s not enough, you can hop on the forums and we’ll help you out!

jQuery Post Sorting

CoPilot comes with a really cool post sorter in the header. Clicking on any category in this menu will show you all the posts in that category, while hiding the other posts. Woah!

Theme Docs

Theme support and updates are not available for free themes or plugins, however each item comes with a detailed help file. Most items also come with an install video to help with setup.

Check out the Documentation link in the sidebar!

Okay Toolkit Plugin

The Okay Toolkit provides your theme with Twitter, Dribbble, Flickr and Retina social icons widgets. The plugin has an options page where several of the options can be altered.

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