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Typable was engineered by a team of blogging scientists at the Okay Themes Research Facility.

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Typable is a beautifully simple blog theme with awesome AJAX post loading capabilities, promoting distraction-free blogging.

Scales To All of Your Devices

Typable is responsive, all the way down to mobile. Images, videos and text will scale down gracefully to iPad, iPhone and all devices in-between. Typable looks great in your pocket and on the desktop!

Customize Typable

Customize Typable in real time with WordPress’s new Theme Customizer! Change your site title, link color, accent color, upload a logo and more, all with a live preview.

AJAX Post Loading

Typable utilizes AJAX post and page loading throughout the theme, giving the user a very cohesive navigation experience. Just click on any post in the demo to see the effect in action.

Widget Drawer

Typable has a hidden widget drawer built into the header. This allows you to still have the functionality of widgets, without the distraction of them being always visible.

Focused on Content

Typable is virtually distraction free. We’ve taken away all the excess and left only what’s important for your writing and reading experience. Typable loves your content.

Theme Support

Theme support and documentation is available for all customers. Simply register for an Okay Themes account, login and click the Support Forum link on your account page.

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