Radar Landing Page Plugin

Created: 7/7/2020
By: Mike McAlister
Version 1.0

Thank you for purchasing my plugin! If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to check out the Support Forum.

Installation Video

This help file and video is also available in the Radar plugin settings, under the Support tab.

How do I get my MailChimp API Key?

Just head over to MailChimp and login. From the admin menu, go to Accounts → API Keys & Authorized Apps. From there you can copy your current API key or create a new one.

More about the MailChimp API Key →

How do I get my Campaign Monitor API Key?

Just head over to Campaign Monitor and login. From the admin menu, go to Account Settings. If you have not already done so, you will need to click the Generate your API key link on the right side of the page. After that, just click the big "Generate my API key button".

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How do I get my Campaign Monitor Client ID?

Just head over to Campaign Monitor and login. From the admin menu, go to Clients. Select a client and go to Client Settings. The API Client ID will be in the Client Details.

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My contact form is not working. Please advise!

Radar uses wp_mail to process the contact form, which may require you to change a few settings on your server before you can use it. According to the WordPress codex, you will need the following. If you don’t feel comfortable changing those settings, you may need to contact your host!

  • Settings SMTP and smtp_port need to be set in your php.ini
  • Also, either set the sendmail_from setting in php.ini, or pass it as an additional header

Configure SMTP Plugin

If you use Gmail there is an even simpler fix. To override the contact form’s default settings, you can use a plugin like Configure SMTP to send the email via SMTP instead. If you use Gmail, it’s a super easy setup.

  • Download, install and activate the Configure SMTP Plugin.
  • Go to SettingsSMTP.
  • Check the Send via Gmail option.
  • Enter smtp.gmail.com in the SMTP Host setting.
  • Enter 465 in the SMTP Port setting.
  • Set the Secure Connection Prefix to SSL.
  • Check Use SMTPAuth.
  • Enter your Gmail username and password in the SMTP username and password fields.
  • Save changes.

Your settings should look just like this: Settings Screenshot. You can use the Send Test Email button to test your settings. Be sure to check the contact form on the template as well! If setup correctly, the Radar form will now use the Gmail SMTP settings instead of the default wp_mail settings.

How do I change the language?

Radar comes with .mo and .po language translation files. Check out the Language Files section of this great article about translating theme and plugin files. You can also check out this great video that walks you through the process of translating a file.

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Plugin Support

You can get support for Radar in the Okay Themes Support Forum. Please note that support is only available for theme bugs. We do not provide theme or plugin customizations. Log into your account and click the Visit the Forum button.

If you purchased the plugin from Envato, you may have to enter your Purchase Code that was given to you with the download. Visit the Support page for more instructions on the Purchase Code.

Okay Themes Support →

This plugin is pretty decent. Where can I find some more decent things by Okay Themes?

That’s a great question! I sell nifty WordPress themes over at Okay Themes and ThemeForest.